Enrico Baleri 


Enrico Baleri was born in Albino (Bergamo) in 1942. In 1965, while still a student of Architecture, he opened the Baleri Designers furnishing shop in Bergamo at the invitation of Dino Gavina. Enrico Baleri designs furniture, lamps and objects for Gavina, Flos, Knoll International and Alias, a company that he established in 1979 and where he had the position of art director up to 1983. He founded Baleri Italia in 1984 together with Marilisa Baleri Decimo and worked with Hollein, Mendini and with the young up and coming designers Starck, Dalisi, Wettstein and others to create a joint collection. He was Chairman of the “Casa Malaparte” Association from 1989 to 1992 and used the business communication resources and tools to achieve the cultural revaluation of the famous document on architecture of the island of Capri. In 1994, Enrico Baleri established the Italian AALTO/Viipuri Committee, at the invitation of the Alvar Aalto Foundation of Helsinki, and involved friends, companies and professionals in an initiative in favour of the Viipuri Library. In 1994 Enrico Baleri established Gloria Srl for which he designed a number of highly successful products. In 2004 he transferred the entrepreneurial role in Baleri Italia to Nino Cerruti. In the same year, Enrico Baleri became the art director of eb&c, the Centro Ricerche Enrico Baleri based in Bergamo and in Milan, and has been since engaging in activities in the world of communication, architecture, furnishing and industrial design, working with international industries, including Baleri Italia.

Marcello Morandini


Marcello Morandini was born in Mantua in 1940, he lives in Varese since 1947. It is one of the greatest exponents of Concrete Art in Europe. 1964 began his acti vity. 1967 was invited to the “IX Biennial” of San Paolo in Brazil.
1968 solo exhibit at “XXXIV Biennial” of Venice. 1972 retrospecti ve at Kestnergesellschaft ofHanover. 1977 he was invited to documenta 6 in Kassel. In the ‘80s he works with architectural studies in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.
Since 1984 solo exhibiti ons at museums in Tokyo, Bochum, Verona, Darmstadt, Mannheim and Helsinki. 1988 he designs a sculpture of 40m. symbol of the Ingolstadt Museum. 1993 anthological exhibiti on of art and design at the Museum Die Neue Sammlung of Monaco.Since 1995 he is professor of art and design in Salzburg, at ECAL in Lausanne and at the Accademia di Brera in Milan. Honorary member of the Royal Society
of Arts in London. The Wilhelm-Hack-Museum in Ludwigshafen dedicates to him important solo exhibiti ons and commissioned to him a sculpture of 10 meters. 2005 he opens with a solo the new Ritt er Museum in Waldenbuch. 2007 he designs the architecture of the “Das kleine Museum” in Weissenstadt in Germany. 2008-2009, the Ca’Pesaro Museum of Venice and the Neues Museum in Nuremberg set up an important solo exhibit. 2010 retrospecti ve at the Casa del Mantegna in Mantua. 2014 retrospecti ve at the Nati onal Gallery of Modern Art in Rome. He was a member of al lot of juries and he has won internati onal design awards in Stutt gart, Hannover, Essen and Solothurn. 



Pio and Tito are brothers, they were born in Venice in 1973 and 1971. In Venice they were graduated in Architecture at the IUAV, the University Institute of Architecture of Venice, in 1998. They founded in 1996 the professional studio PIO&TITOTOSO. The Studio works in building projects in different countries. In the Industrial design they work with the most qualified companies: Artemide, Foscarini, Venini, Vistosi, Leucos, for lighting and Alessi, Pedrali, Segis, Fratelli Guzzini, Colombo design, Metalco, Rossi di Albizzate, Frighetto, Fly Line for furniture. They also plan stands, exhibitions, shops, offices and warehouses for several companies, working on the image and the graphics.
They received several prices such as Design Plus Award 2016, Red Dot Design Award 2015, Red Dot Design Award 2012 Good Design Award 2009, I.Dot selection 2006-2007, Young & design 2005. They took part in various exhibitions in Europe ad United States.